The Latino Cancer Institute

A nonprofit network dedicated to the promotion of education, services, research and policy that impact Latinos nationwide around issues of cancer.

The Latino Cancer Institute (TLCI) is dedicated to the promotion of education, services, research, and policy that impact Latinos nationwide around issues of cancer.

We are developing a national network of Latino cancer serving agencies. This network is united in common cause to:

  • Develop and share best practices
  • Collaborate with research to address Latino cancer knowledge and concerns
  • Advocate for regulation and policy that improves access and equity of care to diminish risk and mortality


Why you should join The Latino Cancer Institute Network!

This network enables disparate Latino groups to unite their voices to have a greater impact on cancer issues, resource distribution, and policy.

The benefits of this network include:

  • Connecting with a network of other stakeholders operating in the cancer space
  • Learning from each other in quarterly teleconferences
  • Developing and sharing best practices
  • Joining timely webinars and trainings
  • Work collaboratively on issues specific to Latino cancer
  • Collaborating on research projects
  • Proposing and supporting policy related issues



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¿Por qué unirse a la Red del Instituto Latino del Cáncer?

Esta red ayuda a diversos grupos latinos a unir sus voces para obtener un mayor impacto sobre el cáncer en cuanto a distribución de recursos y política.

Al formar parte de esta red los participantes podrán:

  • Conectarse a una red de grupos interesados sobre asuntos relacionados al cáncer
  • Aprender por medio de teleconferencias trimestrales
  • Desarrollar y compartir mejores prácticas
  • Participar en webinars y entrenamientos oportunos
  • Colaborar en asuntos específicamente relacionados al cáncer entre los latinos
  • Colaboración en proyectos de investigación
  • Promoción y apoyo en asuntos relacionados con la política del cáncer


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